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The Dolce Vite Spicy Toddy by The Cocktail Whisperer!!

DOLCE VITE CHOCOLATTO® BEST ORIGINAL THICK DARK ITALIAN HOT CHOCOLATE! REDISCOVER THE TRUE HOT CHOCOLATE! CHOCOLATTO® BLOG!   Cocktails for a wicket cold By Warren Bobrow, Cocktail Whisperer   Ingredients: 1 oz Dolce Vite Chocolatto® Hot Chocolate Mix (extra thick and creamy, European style from Italy) ½ oz Columbian Coffee Liqueur ½ oz Vanilla Bean Rum ½ oz Espresso Coffee 3 oz Steamed Whole Milk (Regular, not skim- please) Extremely tiny pinch of cayenne pepper (less than that!) Orange Bitters Preparation: Preheat a ceramic mug with boiling hot water and pour out when thoroughly hot Add the milk and espresso to the Dolce Vite Chocolatto® mix, heat till boiling & THICK Add the Rum and the Coffee liqueur to the...

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