About Chocolatto®! 3



NO GMOs! (Genetically modified organisms) - NO

Artificial Colors or Flavors! NO Preservatives!

Made in Italy

Thick, between a mousee and a pudding, eaten

with a demitasse spoon in true Italian fashion.

100% Vegan

81% Chocolate Powder (48% Cocoa Min)! Only 168

Calories! Less Sugar, Low Caffeine! Natural Antioxidants!

Italy's best kept secret!  Thick, between a mousse and a pudding, eaten with a demitasse spoon in true Italian fashion.  Dolce Vite Chocolatto® is velvety smooth, creamy bittersweet chocolate made in Italy with the finest ingredients.  Widely touted as an aphrodisiac & medicinal, thick chocolate was the height of fashion in European royal courts.  Relive a history of rich luxury with every spoonful of Italian pleasure. 

Ssshhh, here's a secret: Chocolatto® looks & tastes like melted chocolate, but is made with low-fat cocoa, so it can be spooned guilt-free! Only 168 calories per serving & healthy!  Olympians are using hot chocolate as a post workout beverage because the mix of carbs & proteins are found to help replenish muscles!

Chocolatto® can be made with a Steam Espresso Machine, Stovetop, or Microwave.  Scroll down for Directions.


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