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Welcome to our team of hot chocolate market disruptors to innovate the field of hot chocolate!


STEP 1 -

STEP 2 -

Demo for DECISION MAKER, allow the barista or manager to make the Chocolatto® on the espresso machine. This is to train the person on how to make Chocolatto® and do the demo at the same time.

Dolce Vite Chocolatto Worlds Best Thick Italian Hot Chocolate Preparation from Dolce Vite Forever Young on Vimeo.


Best Time to Visit Food Service Establishment, Check Open Times

  • Before Lunch
  • After Lunch & Before Dinner: 2 - 5 PM
  • After Dinner

Ask to Speak to Manager or Owner, Whoever is the DECISION MAKER FOR PURCHASING A NEW PRODUCT

  • Owner is ideal, but the Manager often has power for purchases under $500.

Remember Be Nice to EVERYONE

  • You never know who is who, or who will help you speak to the Decision Maker.

Pitch, Make It Your Own:

"Hi, my name is _________. I would like to propose a solution for additional profit on your espresso machine, which is consuming electricity 24/7, costing you maintenance fees, + your initial investment. I have a beautiful thick Italian hot chocolate from Italy your customers are going to love & will put you ahead of your customers! It is very unique in that it is so thick it is eaten with a spoon. Chocolatto® is currently served in Neiman Marcus, Omni Hotels, and Williams-Sonoma's West Elm, attesting to its quality!
It is easy for your barista to prepare and offers an exceptional profit margin. A serving is only $1.65, and retails for $5, up to $9 with liquor!
Based on your current menu, it seems like a perfect match...I’d like to propose adding it to your dessert or drink offerings. I'll be happy to provide promotional material to help grow sales, including showing your staff how Chocolatto® can be the best way to celebrate the end of a great meal. Would you like a taste and a demonstration of how it is made?"

Instruct Restaurant How to Sell

  1. Extremely Important - Put on Menu & Specials Board. If menu cannot be reprinted, include an insert to menu. If Chocolatto® is not added to the menu or specials board, it will not sell, because the customers will not know it is available to order.
  2. List as: "Chocolatto® - Special Thick Italian Hot Chocolate"
  3. Have Manager instruct wait staff to recommend to customers.
  4. Train Barista properly on how to make Chocolatto®.
  5. Stack Dolce Vite® cups on top of espresso machine (cup warmer).
  6. Incorrect Preparation Will Not Thicken:
    1. Too much milk OR
    2. Not enough steam/heat


  1. Shelf Stable
  2. 1 packet = 1 serving = Mix with 4.5 oz milk (approx 1/2 cup) = Makes 5 oz
  3. Fine porcelain cups dishwasher & microwave safe. Holds 6 oz. Set of 6 cups & 6 saucers.
  4. SRP (suggested retail price) Hot = $5
  5. SRP Chilled over Ice with Whipped Cream = $6
  6. SRP with Biscotti & Whipped Cream = $6
  7. SRP Chocolatto® Affogato (add a scoop of ice cream) = $7
  8. SRP with Liquor = $8
  9. For "To Go Takeaway Cups" establishments can use 1 cup (8oz) milk for less thick chocolate that is drinkable. Suggested to use 10-12 oz cups.
  10. UNDER 200 CALORIES, made with low-fat cocoa, so looks & tastes like melted chocolate, great for customers watching their weight
  11. Made in North of Italy region famous for chocolate
  12. Min order 1 case 80 count, containing 2 x 40 count display boxes
  13. Great Vegan dessert, use Soy or Nut milk, even Water
  14. Commercial espresso machine aerates the Chocolatto® so it is more creamy and tasty than when made at home
  15. Natural & Healthy! - No GMOs (genetically modified organisms), No Preservatives, No Artificial Colors or Flavors
  16. Shipping is not included












UPS Ground Shipping Time See Chart

Most economical shipping 1 box holds 6 cases Chocolatto® = 41 lbs

Non-Exclusive Territories

No assigned territories, you can Expand as much as you like!